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    Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness .

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Current status of deliveries

Delays in the delivery of items in stock are currently likely. Deliveries may arrive a few business days late. We do everything in our power to deliver orders as quickly as possible. We ask you to be patient and thank you for your understanding of this exceptional situation.

 Garrett Ace 250 I Pack PROPOINTER II
 Garrett Ace 400 I
 Garrett Ace 300 I
  • Security

Code of practice of the prospecter

• Always prove and respect national or local laws before or during any detection.
• Respect any private property and enter it only after permission of the owner or from the village.
• Take care of recorking all holes and of leaving no damage.
• Dig out and throw to the garbage can all waste and found refuse.
• Appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, and of fauna and of flora.
• Act as a good ambassador of all prospecters.
• never destroy historical or archaeological treasures.
• Declare any object systematically to the City council having an archaeological or historical interest.
• never canvass on or around archaeological sites and ancient monuments.
• Always behave with courtesy and respect for others.


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