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  • https://www.swissdetector.ch/en/home/112-garrett-super-scanner-v.html
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    Power, speed, precision, lightness and compactness .

  • https://www.swissdetector.ch/en/minelab/288-minelab-equinox-600.html

Your satisfaction is our priority .

Sale on internet and by appointment . 


 Garrett Ace 250 I Pack PROPOINTER II
 Garrett Ace 400 I
 Garrett Ace 300 I
  • Security

Code of practice of the prospecter

• Always prove and respect national or local laws before or during any detection.
• Respect any private property and enter it only after permission of the owner or from the village.
• Take care of recorking all holes and of leaving no damage.
• Dig out and throw to the garbage can all waste and found refuse.
• Appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, and of fauna and of flora.
• Act as a good ambassador of all prospecters.
• never destroy historical or archaeological treasures.
• Declare any object systematically to the City council having an archaeological or historical interest.
• never canvass on or around archaeological sites and ancient monuments.
• Always behave with courtesy and respect for others.


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