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Original Fisher accessories for Fisher metal detectors. Isn’t the Fisher accessory you need listed? So please call us and we will get you the desired Fisher spare part quickly .

Fisher metal detectors are based entirely on digital conductivity displays and flexible filtration systems. The Fisher F22 and Fisher F44 are considered the best detectors in their class!

FISHER LAB Metal Detectors

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Kapaan Coinpad 3,5 x 7,5 cm

Price CHF9.00
Simply moisten the inner cushion with water, then the found pieces are inserted into the 11 slots in turn. Depending on the diameter, a total of...

Coinpad normal, 35mm

Price CHF9.00
The Coinpad  is the ideal companion when searching in the field to protect smaller ground finds such as coins, jewelry, etc.   Simply...

Coinpad XL, 45mm

(2 reviews)
Price CHF9.90
The Coinpad XL is the ideal companion when searching in the field to protect smaller ground finds such as coins, jewelry, etc....

Waterproof Findbox

Price CHF19.90
Ideal for transporting and preserving your most beautiful discoveries. Available in black / Orange color. This box has 30 slots, which can...
  • New

Nokta beach set

Price CHF29.00
Shovel and sieve from Nokta, ideal to use in combination with the Nokta Mini or Midi Hoard. Search the beach with your detector. Once you get a...
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Block for coin cleaning

Price CHF29.00
This 3D printed block is great for cleaning coins. Loosen the screw easily and find the right size for your coin. Insert the coin and tighten...

Cire Renaissance 65ml

(1 review)
Price CHF29.00
This wax was specially developed by the British Museum and is mainly used for polishing and preserving metallic objects. It has a cleaning and...


Price CHF29.90
Small, very stable and high quality steel hand shovel with narrow blade. The tool has a hand protection plate, as well as a solid rubber handle...

Black ADA Ripper

Price CHF29.90
Very stable hand shovel with hand protection plate and corrugation on the blade. Suitable for almost all substrates.

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