General terms of vente

Champ of application

The present general terms of sale govern, inan exclusive way, the contractual relations between Zore Electronic, and any person(hereafter called “the customer”) who placesorder on the commercial website (hereaftercalled “the site”) via the following

This site is an online shop (exclusively online sale on the Internet) edited by

Zore Adama )  Zore Electronic

Place du Marché 9,1350 Orbe

IDE : CHE-363.369.671

The present general terms are applicable tothe whole of the articles suggested with thesale on the site, and are booked to the customers of more than 18 years which holdfull legal capacity.

Any order of one or more articles presented on the site implies the consultation and the general acceptance, on behalf of the customer,these general terms of sale as well as ratesapplied. The present conditions prevail on anyother document like on the general terms of sale of the country of the customer.

Any failure, on behalf of Zore Electronic,with the one of its obligations, evoked under the present general terms of sale, will not be able to in no case to be an interpreter, by the customer, like a renunciation of the general terms of sale.
The afore mentioned conditions will be able to be the object of updates or modifications with out notice. The applicable conditions will be, then, those into force at the time of the contract signature, i.e. at the day of the recording of the order.

Relative information with the articles

The articles and promotional offers, present on the site, are made with the sale within the limit of stocks available and for the offers, until the term of their validity. The presence of an article in the site does not guarantee its availability in stocks.

All the articles of the site presented to the sale are booked to the individuals.

The photographs and texts illustrating the articles are given only as an indication and do not enter the contractual field. Consequently,although represented on the site, with the highhest degree of accuracy, the photographs and texts can, however, comprise errors. In this case, the responsibility for Zore Electronic could not be committed.

 Order of the articles

The orders are carried out on the site at the address following:

The articles suggested with the sale get along subject to availability. In the event of unavailability of a product, the customer will be informed by it, after the passage of his order,by e-mail or mail. The order will be validated only when the customer discharges the totality of the payment  excepted the PAYMENT WITH INVOICE SWISSBILLING ( see PAYMENT WITH INVOICE WITHIN 30 DAYS with our Partner SWISSBILLING ) . Zore Electronic reserves theright to refuse certain orders, considered to be non valid.

- Validation of the order:

If the customer wishes to buy one or more articles, it will have to select a model or its reference, to define the quantity then to click on “shopping cart”. The shopping cart recapitulates the selection of the customer and allows him to modify its order. To validate the products chosen, the customer will have to click on “ordering”.
Once this finished stage, it will be identified,either thanks to its code customer, or by registering his personal data at the place envisaged for this purpose. It will have to then choose its method of payment, to pay the amount of the order then to validate information which appears on the final purchase order. A number of order will be allotted to the customer. Zore Electronic will preserve the recording of the order for proof ofthe contractual relation between the parts.

Price of the articles

The prices indicated, on the site, are as a Franc Suisse (CHF) and mean all inclusive of tax (VAT). Any possible change of the statutoryrate of the VAT will be reflected on the price of the products presented on the site.

 The prices do not integrate the shipping costs and of packing which are the responsibility of the customer and who will be specified to himduring the recording of his order.
 The prices presented could be modified,constantly by Zore Electronic. 

Payment and security

At the time of the regulation of his order, the customer will have the choice between the following methods of payment:

- Payment by credit transfer

- Payment by Paypal


For all methods of payment, the amount of the purchases will have to be regulated entirely and in only once  excepted the PAYMENT WITH INVOICE SWISSBILLING. The orders will be validated and treated, after acceptance of the payment by the banking centers concerned.

By Paypal

By choosing payment through PayPal, you will be automatically directed to your PayPal account. Once the PayPal payment has been confirmed, you will have finalized your order and you will receive
your order confirmation by e-mail.



SWISSBILLING SA is a service provider, that allows you to receive your order with an invoice in a simple and secure way. The Invoice will be sent from SWISSBILLING separately from your order, per email or regular mail, depending on your choice. SWISSBILLING services are based on a fix fee and your maximum order for the first purchase is CHF 500.00. The invoice is payable within 30 days. For security matters, shipping address and billing address must be identical. SWISSBILLING keeps the right to have a credit check control done through it’s partner CRIF AG in Zurich (Tel.: 0848 333 222,

See General terms of use Swissbilling  : (1).pdf

In the event of litigation of payment with acustomer, Zore Electronic reserves the right to refuse its order.


- Methods of transport:

The orders can be delivered any where in the world. Zore Electronic reserves the right to choose the adequate mode of transport. The orders will be delivered in Switzerland by the Post office or another operator.

The delivery of the products will be effective only after cashing of the full amount of the order. The products will be delivered at the address indicated by the customer, at the time of the passage of its order. Consequently, the contact transmitted by the customer is regarded as being exact and will not engage,in the event of litigation, the responsibility for Zore Electronic. In the event of absence of the customer during the delivery, the carrier will leave a transit advice note at the address indicated.

The average delivery period is of 3 has 15 days for orders with economic delivery and 1 to 9 days for orders with priority delivery . It is indicated only as an indication and does not constitute a firm agreement of our share.

- Delivery out of Switzerland.

The shipping costs indicated at the time of the passage of the order relate to only the deliveries in Switzerland and the European Union . The rates of the countries non concerned will be calculated as soon as the customer will have specified the country in which it wishes to be delivered.

- Reception of the products.

It is advised with the customer to check the condition of the received products before it signs the delivery order. Once the good sign, Zore Electronic will consider that the customer carried out this checking. 


Our responsibility could not be committed in case of human or material damage caused by the exploitation of our articles or any information coming from us.

Right of retractation

Under the terms of the provisions of the Code of Consumption, the customer has a 14 clear days deadline to exert his right of retractation without having to justify reasons, as from the date of reception of his order. The expenses of sending and return will be the responsibility of the customer. The products, accompanied by a bank account number of the customer, will have to be turned over by the Post office, in aperfect condition and their packing of origin(including additional and note of use).

Refundings will be carried out by credit transfer. In the event of return of a damaged product, incomplete or damaged, this one neither will be exchanged nor refunded.

Conformity and warranty of the products

In the event of non conformity of the products,we ask the customer of us to inform some by mail, accompanied by the articles concerned,in a new state like in their packing of origin,with in a period of 15 working days.

- Terms of the warranty

Your metal detector is guaranteed against the defects of materials and manufacturing under the normal conditions of use as from the date of purchase of the initial owner. The damage due to the negligence, the accidental damage or a misuse of this product will not be covered by this warranty. The decisions concerning the abuses or bad use of the detector are made only by the manufacturer.

The validity of this warranty is limited to the replacement or repair, according to our opinion, of the metal detector. The dispatchcost must be prepaid before sending and thuswith the responsibility for the consumer.

Reserve of property and avoidance Clause

The ordered products remain the property of Zore Electronic, until the customer fills his obligations, in particular that he discharges the integral payment of the price. Once, the transfer of property carried out, the risks of loss, flight or deterioration of the products are the responsibility of the customer.

In the event of failure, on behalf of the purchaser, with the one of his obligations, the sale will be automatically cancelled and without summation. The articles will have to be restored in Zore Electronic under a 48 hours deadline.

Personal information

The customer expressly agrees to communicate to Zore Electronic his personal data so that we can as well as possible manage the orders, deliveries and relations customers.

In accordance with the law, relating to data processing and freedoms, the customer has a right of access and of correction of his personal data. Thus, for any complement or correction, it is enough for you to send to us the new data by e-mail or following letter at the address: Zore Adama Zore Electronic Place du Marché 9, 1350 Orbe Switzerland,

Zore Electronic is committed not communicating your personal data with thirds.

- Cookies

It is possible that Zore Electronic uses Cookies(files containing of the information stored on the hard drive of the customer). The cookies facilitate the operations which the customer carries out on the site. They do not contain confidential information concerning the customer. Never the less this last is free to refuse the creation of Cookies.