XP ORX - 22 cm  - WSA

XP ORX - 22 cm - WSA


Discover extreme performances in native gold search and currencies! the high-end XP  metal detector for users seeking comfort and versatility! Comes with a remote control with intuitive navigation and 4 detection programs, it is equipped with a high frequency disc of 22.5 cm offering 21 frequencies to choose from 13 to 60 kHz. Weight: 760 gr.

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XP ORX with 22.5cm double-D radio frequency search coil + WSA radio headphones

The new XP detector ORX takes over some of the core parts of its big brother, the XP Deus, and comes with a new user interface. The developers of this excellent detector focused on simple operation, high search performance and the unique, low weight. The user interface looks very tidy, is clearly and logically arranged so that it can be operated almost instinctively. With its sensational 770g, the ORX is a lightweight and currently the lightest detector on the detector market! Thanks to its struts on the upper part of the frame and the middle frame made of aviation high-tech aluminum, the ORX is also extremely robust.
XP ORX 22 WSA set completo metal detector
The small parts sensitivity on targets such as coins / relics / gold also convince the professional viewfinder. The fast response times guarantee the optimal separation of finds in the case of soils contaminated with iron, as are often found in old settlement areas, and offer correspondingly high find rates - even where other detectors exit. The HF coil technology detects stably even on floors that are difficult to detect and almost trouble-free even under high-voltage lines.

Ultralight and robust - the new S-telescopic linkage LITE. The S-shape of the boom makes swiveling particularly easy. The XP ORX can be assembled and disassembled in seconds using quick-release fasteners.

The ORX is a completely wireless detector with a patented radio connection to the search coil. The signals are evaluated directly in the search coil, which results in a significantly better processing quality of the signals than is possible with other conventional detectors. The new receiver wireless headphone system is designed as a comfortable neckband headphone. It lies lightly on the ears, the bracket behind the neck prevents it from slipping when digging. The XP Pinpointer MI-6 can be integrated into the ORX. The digital shielding between radio headphones and pin pointer prevents both devices from interfering with each other.

Modern user interface that inspires: clear, logical, always at a glance. Easy operation and all important functions integrated. The remote control can be mounted on the linkage or carried in an optionally available bracelet.


The newly designed WSA wireless headphone receiver with volume control (not compatible with XP Deus).


  • Ultra light and robust
  • Top search performance
  • Wireless, patented radio connection
  • RF radio frequency technology
  • Radio search coil waterproof
  • Wireless headphones WSA with adjustable volume, comfortable fit as neckband headphones
  • Working frequencies with the supplied 22.5cm double D HF coil 15/28/54 kHz + crossovers
  • Working frequencies with optional 24x13cm double D HF coil 15/28/80 kHz + crossovers
  • Working frequencies with optional 22.5 / 28 / 28x34 double D X35 coil 4/8/12/25 kHz + crossovers
  • Target ID Visual + Audio
  • Extreme sensitivity to small targets with high frequencies
  • 4 factory programs: gold search (x2) - coins and relics (x2), + 2 storable user programs
  • Fast and secure radio connection, the latest technology: coil - remote control - headphones - pin pointer MI-6.
  • New compact, wireless headphone receiver “WS Audio®”
  • Newly designed, ultra light Telescopic-S boom
  • The lightest metal detector at the moment with a sensational weight of only 770g (remote control worn on the belt)
  • Simple operation with new user-friendly interface / operation
  • Wireless connection to the MI-6 pin pointer + extended setting options via the remote control
  • Lithium batteries search for about 20 hours on one charge
  • Simply charge with a certified USB charger or via the computer (XP USB mains charger optional)
  • Available with the HF coils - 22cm (round) or with the 24 / 13cm (elliptical)
  • Compatible with X35 spools (22, 28, 34 / 28cm).
  • Software update possible (on the remote control via a USB cable)
  • Go Terrain Mobile App compatible (available in 2019)


Technical specifications:

  • 22.5cm double-D radio frequency search coil, radio, waterproof
  • 99 levels of sensitivity
  • 21 frequencies (13 - 81 kHz)
  • 99 levels of discrimination + 5 levels of discrimination in IAR gold prospecting programs 
  • 20 threshold levels
  • 4 selectable reaction times
  • Iron tone with audio pitch (can be switched on and off)
  • Soil adjustment manually from 60 - 90
  • Ground Balance Automatic (Fast Balance - Fast Grab)
  • Salt fashion for beach with ground suppression 00-25
  • 4 factory programs + 2 storable user programs
  • Target ID display with iron probability display
  • Point location with target zoom
  • Lithium polymer batteries without memory effect
  • Battery capacity per charge coil, 20 - 28 hours, remote control 19 hours, WSA radio headphones 15 hours
  • Display lighting
  • WSA wireless headphone system with volume control
  • S-telescopic linkage LITE
  • Go Terrain app compatible (smartphone app coming in 2019)

Additional advanced - settings in connection with Pinpointer MI-6:

  • MI-6 50 sens levels
  • MI-6 audio tone adjustable from 120hz to 1582hz
  • MI-6 2 audio modes pitch or pulse
  • MI-6 3 factory programs + 1 storable user program
  • Function: search for lost pin pointer (even if pin pointer is switched off)
  • Target zoom screen
  • MI-6 battery indicator  

Scope of delivery:

  • XP ORX 22 WSA complete set, latest version:
  • remote control
  • Wireless headphones WSA
  • 22.5cm double D HF search coil, 6m waterproof
  • Coil protection
  • Screw set for HF coils
  • S-telescopic linkage LITE
  • Lithium polymer batteries
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 year warranty

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