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Nokta Makro’s first simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector The LEGEND has features that make it the best versatile detector, adaptable to all types of targets and ground conditions..

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The Legend ! 


Absolute high-end detector

The Legend is an absolute high-end metal detector that offers all the possibilities you could only dream of before. And all this at an affordable price!

SMF Simultaneous (simultaneous) multi-frequency

Nokta's new SMF multi-frequency technology| Makro offers the user the possibility to search on all frequencies at the same time. However, you can also work with a selectable search frequency, where you can choose between 4, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz. Low search frequencies have the advantage that you can search deeper and are particularly suitable for searching for larger, low-lying objects. High search frequencies have a lower depth, but are very accurate in detecting the smallest objects in the upper layer. Choose one of the SMF Simultaneous Multi Frequency modes, where you search on all search frequencies from 4 to 40 kHz simultaneously! The legend then combines the advantages of all search frequencies and allows you to find very small objects better and find larger objects even deeper. Salt minerals on beaches and in salt water can be completely ignored by the Legend! Of course, you can also work with only one selectable search frequency, and thus choose the search frequency that best suits your order.

Fully waterproof

The Legend is completely waterproof (IP68) to a depth of 3 meters underwater. So you can go a step further and search in places where no one has ever searched. This also has the advantage that you can rinse it completely with water, which makes cleaning much easier and faster.

Integrated Bluetooth including aptX™ Low Latency Headphones

built-in wireless module is of course a must, but The Legend also comes with high-quality Bluetooth aptX™ Low Latency headphones. These headphones completely cover your ears, so ambient noise won't bother you when you focus on the sounds of your metal detector.


Ferro Check is a unique feature of The Legend and displays the ratio of iron to non-ferrous of the buried object, allowing you to identify objects even better before excavation. With the new Ferro Check feature, you will find less "modern" garbage like crown caps.

4 search programs

The Legend has 4 search programs: Park, Field, Beach and GoldField.

  • Park mode is designed for searching for coins and jewelry in frequently visited areas where there is a lot of modern waste such as aluminum foil, pull-off tabs, crown caps, etc.
  • Field mode is designed for searching for coins and relics on mown and ploughed fields.
  • The beach mode is optimized for use on dry or wet beaches and for use underwater.
  • Goldfield mode is perfect for looking for gold nuggets on mineralized gold fields.

Robust construction and replaceable batteries

The Legend is characterized by a robust construction and has a lower linkage made of carbon. It can be compactly pushed together for transport and quickly and easily adjusted to any desired length. The Legend has a built-in battery that can be charged via USB. You also have the option of attaching an external battery under the armrest so that you don't run out of power on the go. (The external battery is not included in the standard package, only in the Pro package).

Extensive sound settings - Now with polyphonic tones

The Legend offers object recognition in the form of polyphonic tones. In addition, you can choose how many different tones you want to use (1, 2, 4, 6 or a maximum of 60) and individually adjust the position of these tones along the conductance scale (tonebreak). You also have the option to adjust the pitch and volume and if you don't want any sound at all, you can set the device to vibration, which is ideal for underwater searching.

Built-in clock and user time

As a real sord, you know how quickly time flies when you're searching, and it's annoying when you have to reach for your phone with dirty hands to see what time it is. With The Legend, you always have time in mind. With a glance at the display you can see what time it is and also immediately how long the detector has been in operation.

Recovery speed, lighting and software update

The Legend offers the ability to adjust the recovery speed. For example, if you want maximum depth range, you should set the recovery speed as low as possible. If you are looking in places that are frequently visited, such as.B. Parks, it is desirable to set the recovery speed higher to better identify nearby objects. In addition, the Legend has display lighting and search coil lighting to enable evening searching, as well as updatable software to keep your Legend always up to date!

Simplex users

Have you got used to the Simplex+ and want to take the step to a professional metal detector, then the Legend is the perfect successor!

Also available as Pro Pack: You can also order The Legend as a Pro Pack with extra 6 inch search coil and battery pack for the armrest.


Applications: Land , Shallow water , Underwater , Freshwater beach , Saltwater beach , Highly mineralized soils

Kind: Digital , Motion

Technology: VLF (Very Low Frequency) , Interchangeable Search Frequency , Simultaneous Multifrequency

Search frequency: 4, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz and 2 SMF simultaneous multi-frequency modes

Search coil: 28 cm waterproof DD search coil

Weight: 1.4 kg

Linkage: Triangular boom adjustable from 63 to 132 cm

Watertightness: Waterproof up to 1 m, Waterproof up to 2 m, Waterproof up to 3 m, Control unit splash-proof, Search coil waterproof

Headphone: Yes, 

Type and number of batteries: Rechargeable Li-Po battery

Battery: Approx. 20 hours

Depth range small objects (euro coin): Approx. 40 cm

Depth range large objects: approx. 150 cm

Service: Pushbuttons

Built-in wireless module: Yes

Target group: Advanced, Professionals

Battery level readable: Yes, in 5 levels

Depth range readable: Yes, in 5 segments

Ground balancing: Automatic and manual ground balancing and tracking

Sensitivity setting: 30 sensitivity levels

Pinpoint function: Yes

Discrimination against undesirable objects: Yes

Notch filter: Yes

Object identification by audio sounds: Yes, 1, 2, 4, 6 or 60 tones

Conductance display: Yes, 1 - 60

Responsiveness: Very fast, ten-stage adjustable

Volume: Yes, in 6 levels

Display illumination: Yes, 5 levels

Key illumination: No

Vibration as a signal: Yes, 5 levels

Online Software Update: Yes

Frequency changer: Automatic interference suppression and manual with 13 frequency channels per search frequency

Threshold (background tone): Yes, 0 to 25

Multilingual operating software: Symbols only

Scope of delivery:

  • Nokta| Macro The Legend Metal Detector
  • Waterproof 28 cm DD search coil with coil protection
  • Charging and data cables
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 years warranty
  • 1 year additional manufacturer's warranty


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