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Découvrez de l'or natif avec ce kit d'orpaillage. Ce kit contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer et devenir un expert en un rien de temps. La prospection de l'or n'a jamais été aussi amusante.



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Le kit Minelab PRO-GOLD inclut deux pans américains résistants aux UV. La première batée a un diamètre de 25cm, la deuxième mesure 38cm et offre plusieurs types de surfaces pour accrocher l'or. Le tamis a été conçu pour s'emboiter facilement sur un sceau. Un sac de transport, un aimant, une double-loupe (3x-5x), une pipette, 2 flacons, une bouteille avec pipette sont inclus.

Kit Contents (Part. No. 3011-0325)

15-inch Dual Riffle Pan

The 15-inch pan features three separate panning zones. A versatile combination of 90° riffles, mini riffles, and flat sidewall allow efficient recovery of all of the gold using multiple panning techniques.

Also sold separately
Part No. 3011-0326

10-inch Single Riffle Pan

The 10-inch pan has the large 90° riffles and flat sidewall. It’s great for panning lighter loads and suitable for beginners and children.

Also sold separately
Part No. 3011-0327

Hex-Mesh Classifier

Remove large rocks with the classifier by sifting the coarse aggregate materials into the gold pan. It’s sized perfectly to fit on top of a standard 5 gal. (20 L) bucket, and the two handles make it comfortable to use.

Also sold separately
Part No. 3011-0328

Convertible Carry Bag

The handy lightweight carry bag will help you keep everything in one place. Using the pull-strings, it converts to a backpack for easy kit transportation.

Also Included in This Kit:

Iron-Separator Magnet
Double-Loupe Magnifier
  (3×, 5× magnification)
Vacuum Suction Bottle
Gold Transfer Pipette
Micro-Gold Storage Vials
Getting Started Guide

“I think I have seen nearly every gold pan and gold panning kit made in the last 40 years. They range from basic to overly complicated. Minelab has struck the perfect balance between the two, with features that aid in gold panning without getting in the way.

In my opinion the Minelab PRO-GOLD panning kit is vastly superior to any other gold panning kit on the market and is my recommendation for both beginners and experts.”

Steve Herschbach
The Original Detector Prospector

Multiple Panning Zones for Maximum Gold Recovery

It’s like having three gold pans in one! There is a standard smooth sidewall, PLUS coarse and fine sidewall riffles (15-inch pan) to catch all sizes of alluvial gold particles efficiently so you don’t miss any. The coarse riffles easily trap the larger gold nuggets to help you quickly discard unwanted gravel, whilst the fine riffles capture the tiny gold specks – this can add up to big gold fast!

Large 90° Riffles

Mini Riffles

Flat Sidewall

Large 90° Riffles - Large 90° riffles on the 15-inch and 10-inch pans catch larger gold grains before they wash away. This is a good initial step to separate the black sand and gold from lighter colored sediments.

Mini Riffles - Mini riffles on the 15-inch pan assist in trapping very tiny gold in fine black sand, allowing the sand to wash away leaving the gold behind.

Flat Sidewall - Final panning can be carried out on the flat sidewall, allowing you to clearly see the gold that collects in the bottom corner as it becomes separated from the remaining black sand.

High Contrast Blue for Optimum Gold Visibility

Opposing points on the color wheel have high color contrast. In the diagram, yellow (A) and blue (B) have high contrast.

This is why a blue pan will help you to see gold more easily than all other colors. Black may seem like a good choice, but it will camouflage the black sand that is commonly found with alluvial gold.

Adjacent colors on the color wheel have low  contrast, so orange or green would not be a good choice of color for gold visibility.

Low contrast combinations

High contrast combinations 

Low contrast combinations
Green and yellow are from the light half of the wheel and do not reveal gold nuggets easily.

High contrast combinations
Red and blue are both ‘dark’ colors, giving maximum contrast to make gold nuggets highly visible.

Compact Nested Design

PRO-GOLD pans are constructed from high quality materials and have been cleverly designed to fit neatly inside each other for super-easy transport and space-saving storage.

Ergonomic & Practical

The classifier is sized perfectly to fit on top of a standard 5 gal. (20 L) bucket, and the two handles make it comfortable to use.




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